Website Design

Dental Consultant Websites

Are you ready for your consulting business to have a professional, clutter-free, and easy-to-use website? How many potential clients is your current website turning away because it either is too hard to navigate or is visually unappealing?

The Identity Dental Marketing team is made up of experts in web design and layout. We’ve created hundreds of dental industry websites that are pleasing to look at and use.

When we approach a new website, we do so with your specifications in mind. We can integrate graphics, logos, and colors that speak for your brand and create a seamless, consistent visual identity for your business. To get started, we ask for a few samples of websites you like. Along the way, we work with you to make sure you are completely satisfied in the new design before it goes live.

Don’t Get Stuck in The Past

In our online-dependent world, your website creates a first impression with potential clients and customers. What does your current website say about you? If it looks out of date, you risk sending the message that your business and its methods are not current.

Web design can change fast. There has been a growing shift towards websites that are minimalistic and visually clean. A popular element is to have a menu that “snaps” to the top of your page, visible no matter how far down your viewers scroll. This keeps your brand name, logo, and important contact information visible and accessible at all times.

Does your current website look good on a mobile device? A rapidly growing number of people are conducting business and searches from their phones and tablets. Your website needs to look just as presentable for these devices as it does on the monitor.

Want to Move Your Current Site?

You don’t have to worry about moving your existing website or domain, as we will help make the transition easy. We’ll ensure the move to your new home on the web is easy, allowing you to keep your focus on your business.

Once your website is done, it’s yours! We don’t charge for managing it monthly or lock you into a commitment.

Want to get started in creating a website that is informative and appealing? Contact us today.