Marketing Strategies for Your Dental Consulting Business


Starting and growing a dental consulting business can be a rewarding endeavor, especially if you have valuable expertise to offer to dental practices looking to improve their operations. However, like any business, success depends on your ability to attract and retain clients. Effective marketing is key to achieving this goal. In this blog post, we’ll explore various strategies to market your dental consulting business effectively.

Develop a Strong Brand Identity

The first step in marketing your dental consulting business is to create a strong brand identity. Your brand should reflect your values, expertise, and the unique solutions you provide. Design a professional logo, choose a color scheme, and create a compelling tagline that conveys your mission. Your brand identity will serve as the foundation for all your marketing efforts.

Build a Professional Website

In today’s digital age, a professional website is a must for any business. Your website should be user-friendly, visually appealing, and provide valuable information about your consulting services. Include a blog section where you can share industry insights and tips, showcasing your expertise.

Make sure your website is optimized for search engines (SEO) to improve your online visibility. Use relevant keywords, create high-quality content, and ensure your site loads quickly on both desktop and mobile devices.

Leverage Social Media

Social media platforms are powerful tools for marketing your dental consulting business. Create profiles on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to connect with potential clients and fellow professionals in the dental industry. Regularly share informative content, engage with your audience, and join relevant groups or forums to establish yourself as an industry authority.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a valuable strategy for demonstrating your expertise and attracting potential clients. Create informative blog posts, ebooks, whitepapers, or video tutorials that address common issues faced by dental practices. Share these resources on your website, social media channels, and through email marketing.

Consider hosting webinars or podcasts to reach a wider audience and showcase your knowledge. Encourage interaction by allowing viewers to ask questions and engage in discussions during your presentations.

Email Marketing

Build and maintain an email list of dental professionals who have shown interest in your services. Send out regular newsletters that provide valuable insights, case studies, and updates about your consulting offerings. Personalize your emails to make recipients feel valued and more likely to engage with your services.


Networking is essential in the consulting business. Attend dental conferences, seminars, and workshops to connect with potential clients and industry peers. Building relationships within the dental community can lead to referrals and new opportunities. Additionally, consider joining professional organizations such as the American Association of Dental Consultants (AADC) to gain credibility.

Online Reviews and Testimonials

Positive online reviews and testimonials can significantly impact your consulting business’s reputation and credibility. Encourage satisfied clients to leave reviews on platforms like Google My Business, Yelp, or your website. Share these testimonials on your marketing materials to build trust with potential clients.

Offer Free Consultations

To attract new clients, consider offering free initial consultations. This allows you to showcase your expertise and demonstrate the value you can bring to their practice. During the consultation, address their specific needs and challenges, and provide a clear roadmap of how your consulting services can help.

Measure and Adapt

Regularly analyze the performance of your marketing efforts. Track website traffic, email open rates, social media engagement, and conversion rates. Use this data to refine your strategies and allocate resources to the most effective channels. Stay updated on the latest marketing trends and technologies to keep your approach fresh and competitive.


Marketing your dental consulting business effectively involves a combination of online and offline strategies, all aimed at building your brand, establishing credibility, and attracting clients. By developing a strong brand identity, creating a professional online presence, and consistently providing valuable content and services, you can position your dental consulting business for success in a competitive market. Remember that marketing is an ongoing effort, and staying adaptable and open to new ideas is crucial for long-term growth and success.

Marketing for Dental Consultants | How Are You Celebrating Your Wins?

Whether you’re running a single dental office or the entirety of a global enterprise like Amazon, there’s a focus on how we can improve and grow our businesses. This is one of the best parts about owning a company and I would never suggest you do otherwise. At my speaking events, in my business, and even in conversations with friends, I talk openly about the importance of embracing the need to improve. Considering how we can be better is a great way to induce change and create a stronger business.

However, the “too-much-of-a-good-thing” rule applies here. When we focus solely on “fixing” our business, there is no time left for celebrating our wins.

It can be challenging to focus on the good when you’re overwhelmed by your business, worried about your patients or your schedule. But taking the time to stop and celebrate is critical.

When your team only hears from you when things are stressful or wrong, they never see the other side. Ignoring the wins can be not only demoralizing for your team, but can also sabotage your long term success. If you’re not consistently celebrating the good, you may be creating an atmosphere that people neither want to work for or with.

Today, make the conscious effort to celebrate a win. Ask yourself, “what is worth celebrating in my business and how are we going to do so?”

  • Did you recently have a larger number of five-star reviews than usual?
  • Have you received a large number of patient referrals?
  • Did you go for a week with no missed or canceled appointments?  
  • Did a particular department meet a set of goals you had created?
  • Have you met or beaten certain benchmarks of the industry?

Know that these celebrations aren’t just “nice”. If you want to improve your team, your practice, and yourself it is absolutely necessary.

With this knowledge, I challenge you to celebrate at least one win in your practice today. Think about what your team has been doing well and celebrate. For this first time, the how and the why aren’t nearly as important as simply making the effort. See how your team reacts and let us know if it helps create a happier and more productive work atmosphere.

In the meantime, if you want to more useful business management tips, or want to get started on a marketing plan for your practice, contact me to learn how you can book me for your next speaking event.

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I estimate 10% or less of dentists practice this important habit… Grace Rizza, Speaker, Entrepreneur

Posted by Grace Rizza on Thursday, January 23, 2020

Dental Consultant Marketing | Let’s Talk About Why Most Business Owners Never Grow Beyond the $1 Million Mark

No one is born being a fantastic business leader. You either enjoy it and do your best to learn more, or you don’t. Despite this fact, I often hear dentists claim that they are “bad at business” when the reality is they are only holding themselves back.

So, what’s holding you back from finding success? What’s stopping you from not only reaching that $1 million mark but surging past it on your way to greater things? In all the time I’ve spent in the dental community I’ve noticed a commonality between those who realize their potential for growth and those who do not.

The doctors that do the best and continue to grow past the one million mark are the ones that are willing to take risks.

Different Kinds of Risk

When I talk to those who are hesitant to take risks on anything, I tell them that there is an inherent risk in every aspect of life, whether they realize it or not.

There’s risk in hiring and there’s risk in firing. Investing in your marketing, your advisors, or a dental CPA are all risks too. Even becoming a dentist was a risk. 

While those financial risks are a major factor, there’s also the risk that comes with being known. Many don’t want to market their business and grow because they don’t want to be exposed to a larger world. They don’t want to risk that someone might not like them. To that, I say – are you really going to let the rest of the world determine your success?

What if You’re Happy With Where You’re At?

When I talk to a doctor or another practice leader for the first time there is always a great deal of pride surrounding the fact that they’ve only grown their business by word of mouth. While I can appreciate the sentiment, to me it’s an indicator that they just haven’t yet figured out how to leverage marketing effectively. It also shows that they may not be willing to take the necessary risks to grow beyond their natural growth rate.

This is not to say that leading a successful dental practice is as easy as saying yes to risk. In fact, I truly believe that building success in dentistry is an extremely difficult pursuit. Not only are you trying to grow a business, but you are responsible for leading your teams and treating patients. You truly are the “Chief Everything Officer”.

You’ve worked hard to build the success you have, and putting that success on the line is not an easy task. However, if you find yourself constantly avoiding risk in the interest of saving your practice ask yourself this:

What is all that saving costing you?

If, after reading this blog, you think it’s time to take a risk and do something different, you can contact me about setting up an event. My programs discuss marketing plans that will get you started on growing past that one million dollar mark and talk about you and your business as a whole.


Marketing for Consultants | Communicate with Confidence and Concern

Nearly a decade ago, I worked in a dental practice for almost 2 years. I recall the unique experience of teaching the team basic sales verbal skills. I was shocked at how the dental team was repulsed by the word “sell”. To navigate this roadblock, I came up with a presentation titled: “Communicating with Confidence and Concern”.

The entire 90-minute presentation involved examples of communication I had witnessed. I boldly quoted team members and doctors and explained how their words were likely interpreted by the general public (patients).

The 3 C’s approach (Communicating with Confidence and Concern) was implemented and things began to change. Not only did sales become a focus, but the commitment to the patient’s needs and desires rose to the forefront. The team learned how to endorse and support each other, creating a very high level of trust with the patient, which was very much deserved.

In sales, we’re always dealing with a transfer of emotion. Whether you are “selling” the patient on the importance of his oral health or he is “selling” you on the importance of his money, selling is taking place. Simply put, selling is the transfer of emotion. If your team does not communicate with confidence AND concern, they are missing out on an opportunity to enrich the lives of your patients.

Dental Consultant Marketing | 3 Steps to a 5 Star Reputation

If you haven’t yet realized, people value online reviews. Google reviews get substantial exposure and contribute to your SEO efforts. Often, our clients ask for tips to help them become more successful in gaining dozens and even hundreds of 5 star reviews online. Read on to for the simplest ways to implement a strategy that will boost 5-star reviews.

Step 1: Ask your client about their experience. After your meeting or consultation, ask them if they had a nice visit today. If they seem happy with your service, communication and care, they will respond with positive feedback. Upon receiving positive feedback, let them know how much they mean to you. Let them know you enjoy seeing them and value their business.

Step 2: Create a script to request the review. Involve the reason for this request. “Cathy, thank you for the positive feedback. It’s always a pleasure to spend time with you. We’re finding that reviews on Google are helping new patients to consider us for care. Would you please write a review for me today? It should only take a minute.”

Step 3: Make it easy for the client. This can be done in one of three ways.

  1. You can use an automation tool to automatically text the client following their appointment. This text will ask about their satisfaction. After receiving positive feedback, it will automatically open to a page where the patient can leave their review. It’s very simple and has helped dozens of our clients gain hundreds of reviews on Google, Yelp and Facebook. Email: for more information.
  2. You can hand the client a card with a link to a page on your website. Once visiting that page, they can click on the icon of the review site of their choice to leave a public review.
  3. You can text the client a link to your Google 5-Star Review link. We can create this for you.

Step 4: Thank your client for their support..

Remember, the best way to get 5-star reviews is to provide 5-star service. Make your clients feel important. People will not remember what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

Dental Marketing Consultants | Are You Prepared for the Future of Dentistry?

Marketing for Consultants

What will the dental profession will look like in 10 years? Are you and your team prepared to face the future with a successful action plan?

As a dentist, you are used to thinking about the big picture. This is true when you are caring for your patients, as they turn to you for your expertise to establish a lifetime of optimal oral health. But do you employ the same forward-thinking strategies to ensure the long-term health of your business?

Dentistry is changing. New technology is constantly being developed leading to entirely new procedures, which in turn creates a new market of patients who could benefit from your services. Furthermore, the business landscape of the profession is evolving. What used to be a field dominated by independently owned practices has become increasingly more corporate-based. Ask yourself where your practice fits into the landscape of differing business models in dentistry.

If one thing is for certain in dentistry, it is that the future will continue to bring change. Did you ever think you would be ordering supplies from your smartphone or connecting with potential new patients on Facebook? The future will likely bring innovations bridging the education and communication gap between dentist and patient.

Like today, the key to success will lie in your ability to build trusting, loyal relationships. It is essential that your marketing messages hone in on the unique qualities that make your practice and your team stand out from the crowd. A re-branding strategy can help freshen your practice’s appeal to your community and attract your ideal new patient.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” The future will bring changes to the dental profession, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise nor should it be a cause for concern. Face the future with optimism and an action plan.

Want to get in touch with us? Give us a call at (847) 629-4646.

Marketing for Consultants | It Pays to Be the Expert: Using Video Content to Generate Leads

Dental Marketing

Utilizing video marketing is a proven way to expand your practice and broaden your target audience. With social media and internet usage on the rise, now is a perfect time to implement videos into your marketing campaign. If you’re not convinced, here are a few of the main reasons businesses take advantage of video marketing.

The Power of the People

Our attention spans are shrinking and the need for constant entertainment and stimulation is at an all-time high. Audiences need to feel entertained for them to stick around anywhere. Videos can keep someone watching with the use of visual and audio stimulation. If done well, your audience will choose to watch a one or two-minute video over reading a verbose article.

Ultimately, the longer you keep someone on your webpage, the better. This gives you a better

opportunity to pique their interest to contact you for your expertise.

Videos Have SEO Authority

Overall, a lot goes into your SEO effort. Maintaining a good ranking will produce more leads for your practice. One way to help this effort is to utilize video marketing on your website. Videos help your site get noticed by search engines since they are given a higher priority in results than text, audio, or pictures. Videos also appear in more than half of all search engine listings on google.

The Social Media Effect

In 2015, Facebook saw more than eight billion average daily video views. It is no wonder social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the number-one platforms people use to post and share videos. Posting videos on social media and having others share them positively affects your SEO and increases your chances of reaching new patients.

Search engines don’t only see the activity on your website, but your complete online presence.

Continuing to move forward in your online marketing through video usage will greatly affect how many people find you. If you’re looking to make use of quality video content, contact our office today for help on where to begin.


Dental Marketing Consultant | Dental Consultants: Shimmer & Shine

Dental Marketing

Perhaps in the past, you’ve gotten by in business by your good looks, excellent personality and stellar reputation. In 2018, it seems like everyone and their mother is now a dental consultant. Things have changed pretty drastically even in the past 5 years. The good news is that many dentists are not embracing the services you have to offer. They’ve come to accept that achieving clinical excellence and business excellence is more than a full-time job. They’ve realized with the right consultant, they can have a more cohesive and communicative team.

Have you considered marketing, but fear the sticker shock that comes with a custom branded website? Perhaps you’ve considered having a strong social media presence, but just don’t fully understand how that’s going to work to bring in new business for you. Whether you’re starting a new business or looking to catapult your existing brand to a new level we can help.

Since starting our dental marketing company in 2009, we’ve decided assisting dental consultants with their brand, unique selling proposition and marketing materials is the best marketing we can provide. Why not help our fellow consultants achieve new levels of success and impress their pants off in the process? This only leads to both of our long-term success.

If you’ve considered growing your business, but may be a bit unsure as to where you should start. Start by scheduling a complimentary marketing planning session with Grace Rizza. Our team will do all we can to make your marketing shimmer, shine and stand out! You’re not in this alone. 

Marketing Dental Consultants | Data Opens the Doors

KPI’s or Key Performance Indicators are a function of any qualified dental consultant. This data however should not be the end of your insight. After evaluating this data, we will take you through a series steps to clearly identify your needs as they pertain to achieving your goals. From there, we will create a detailed plan.

In your plan, we’ll consider your team’s strengths, weaknesses and more. We’ll be able to take the largest or smallest goals and put them into a list of priorities. We will then guide you through these areas of opportunity and help you make changes in a way that your team can embrace.

Data is the starting point, not the ending point. The insight gained from evaluating your practice is incredibly valuable. Having a consultant that can coach your team to work together like a well-oil machine is even more crucial. Implementing 10 changes overnight for your team, could overwhelm them. We’ll consider personalities and individual assets of the team to implement change, structure and growth that will stick.

Contact us to learn more.

Marketing for Consultants | Are You a Weak Minded Leader?

Dental Consultant Marketing

I’ll start by saying that I fully realize this is not my average dental marketing post. I do agree however that there’s no greater new patient magnet than by building a happy, healthy and motivated team. I will also start by admitting guilt to some of these awful tendencies.

Any successful small business owner wears many hats. At times, leadership can be exciting and rewarding. At other times, it can cause exhaustion. The stress brought on by rapid business growth can cause anxiety that can seep into the atmosphere and rust the well-oiled machine you’ve worked so hard to build.

If you notice yourself committing any of the following characteristics of the weak minded leader, it may be time for a period of reflection and recharge, allowing you to perform with your best foot forward.

  1. Weak minded leaders seek revenge. When an employee quits, you may find yourself wanting to with hold a letter of recommendation. You may feel a slight urge to show a lack of support for their next endeavor, after all, you may have invested years of your time training this person. Strong leaders are confident in their business. They see set backs as opportunities. In this example, a strong leader will view this as an opportunity to find someone who’s a better fit.
  2. Weak leaders internalize critical feedback. It’s bound to happen at some point. Some business “guru” will offer you their unsolicited advice. Of course, you listen to it. Find how it may benefit you. At times however, it’s best to put is aside and keep moving forward. Strong leaders are confident in their decisions, open to criticism and do not fear disagreement. Strong leaders do not take critical feedback personally. They also do not allow it to slow them down.
  3. Weak leaders avoid confrontation. A patient or employee has displayed disrespect or appears to be attempting to manipulate you. Instead of avoiding the issue, you attempt to side step, change the subject or perhaps even turn to humor to lighten the mood. Strong leaders do not fear confrontation. They realize respectful, open and honest communication will get both parties on the same page quickly. It will build trust and can restore a strained relationship. If open and honest communication does not restore the relationship, it may be a relationship worth ending–immediately.
  4. Weak leaders seek validation for unqualified people. Whether you’re changing your business, structure, investments, marketing plan or even your hours, it’s important to have a trusted advisors. Make sure your trusted advisors do not include your fraternity brothers / sorority sisters from college whom you see twice a year at a reunion. Yes, these people care about you, however if they are not trained in this area, and very familiar with your practice and goals, do not solicit their advice. I can’t even begin to explain how many amazing dental brands have been destroyed by the feedback of loving mothers, who think they know best. Strong leaders consider the source, always.
  5. Weak leaders avoid change and risk. These are the 2 things necessary for growth. Weak leaders wait until “everyone else is doing it” or “everyone else has it” or “everyone else is going” before they take any kind of risk. Strong leaders listen to their gut, make quick but deliberate decisions. Strong leaders evaluate risk, but are not afraid to jump at the right time.
  6. Weak leaders seek the “cheapest” solutions. The business owners always looking for the cheapest phones, software, CE, marketing, accounting, etc. are almost always slow growing.  These types learn lessons the hard way – by their own experiences. Strong leaders learn from the mistakes of others, are not afraid to invest for the right fit solution. Strong leaders know their worth and are confident in their abilities to produce and perform at a level that will accommodate their budget. They are smart about investing, do not over commit and evaluate their return on investment. Money, however is not their only determining factor.
  7. Weak leaders talk poorly about others. People who talk poorly of others lack confidence in themselves. They fear someone will take their accomplishments from them. They fear people are against them. Strong leaders look to build others up. If they see something they don’t agree with, they may shed light on an issue without mentioning an offender. Strong leaders aim to educate and influence in a positive manner.

Success is a result of small efforts, repeated regularly over time. If there’s any way I can help you become more successful, please don’t hesitate to contact me.