Marketing for Consultants | It Pays to Be the Expert: Using Video Content to Generate Leads

Dental Marketing

Utilizing video marketing is a proven way to expand your practice and broaden your target audience. With social media and internet usage on the rise, now is a perfect time to implement videos into your marketing campaign. If you’re not convinced, here are a few of the main reasons businesses take advantage of video marketing.

The Power of the People

Our attention spans are shrinking and the need for constant entertainment and stimulation is at an all-time high. Audiences need to feel entertained for them to stick around anywhere. Videos can keep someone watching with the use of visual and audio stimulation. If done well, your audience will choose to watch a one or two-minute video over reading a verbose article.

Ultimately, the longer you keep someone on your webpage, the better. This gives you a better

opportunity to pique their interest to contact you for your expertise.

Videos Have SEO Authority

Overall, a lot goes into your SEO effort. Maintaining a good ranking will produce more leads for your practice. One way to help this effort is to utilize video marketing on your website. Videos help your site get noticed by search engines since they are given a higher priority in results than text, audio, or pictures. Videos also appear in more than half of all search engine listings on google.

The Social Media Effect

In 2015, Facebook saw more than eight billion average daily video views. It is no wonder social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the number-one platforms people use to post and share videos. Posting videos on social media and having others share them positively affects your SEO and increases your chances of reaching new patients.

Search engines don’t only see the activity on your website, but your complete online presence.

Continuing to move forward in your online marketing through video usage will greatly affect how many people find you. If you’re looking to make use of quality video content, contact our office today for help on where to begin.